Thé Flexible Marketing Tool

One Apron, more branding, more promotion...

Change the game

One apron, more branding...

The F-Apron® is a super-handy apron, of which you can change the front on the chest with 4 buttons. You only need one apron, which you can use in several ways. The flexible F-Apron® is an extra promotion tool, you can communicate in any place, at any time and any message you want.
How cool is that!

Change the game

The F-Apron® is literally a game changer in the Horeca industry, because the apron is very wide-ranging. From a brasserie that, for example, wants to communicate a different promotion on the apron every week, to a hostess or promotion company that wants to deal more efficiently with corporate clothing.


Flexible Marketing Tool

The F-Apron® is a printed or unprinted basic apron and has a printed or embroidered removable front at chest height. The top can easily be changed by 4 buttons. We deliver it in black as standard, because it fits with almost all colors of clothing that you wear underneath. But if you want a different base color, let us know!

Quality Product

We like fair trade. That’s why our F-Aprons® are produced in the Netherlands. The apron is quickly available and of excellent quality. For example, Industrial cleaning is possible up to 60 degrees  . 

We do not deliver to private individuals.


Fair production

Pure craftsmanship through neat paying adults.

Top quality product

The textile has a weight of 350 gr/m2.

Industrial cleaning

You can have them washed industrially
(up to 60 degrees). Washing instructions here.

Modern basis Apron

We are always working to make the apron even better. Always looking for the best materials and fits.

Also available in XXL

The standard width of the Apron is 70 cm.

Or custom-made?

In our workshop, can we make it custom-made, preferably denim fabric or something else? No problem!

Adjustable neck strap

By using a fastener you can adjust the apron for optimal carrying pleasure.

Copy and design

Besides the production we can of course also provide nice texts and a cool design.
Challenge us!

Patented name & design

F-Apron® is a product of M68 Creative Communication. Model and name are patented under number 87042-01.


Our products are ISO 9001 certified and are also in possession of an SA8000 certificate (corporate social responsibility).

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